NFFE 1124 vs. USACE: Distribution is ONGOING

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On May 1, 2009, the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE), Local 1124, filed a comprehensive Overtime FLSA Grievance against the United States Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District. The Union’s Grievance covered all those who were bargaining unit employees at any time going back to May 1, 2006, up until resolution was reached on March 14, 2013.

The Grievance sought relief on behalf of bargaining unit employees in the form of (a) unpaid entitlement to overtime, including capped overtime claims; (b) unpaid entitlement to compensatory time; (c) unpaid entitlement to credit time, including capped credit time; (d) unpaid entitlement to “suffered or permitted” overtime as defined by the FLSA; (e) the Agency’s share of any employer obligations arising under FICA or any other employment benefits; (f) liquidated damages with regard to items (a) through (e) as that term is used in the FLSA; and (g) all attorneys’ fees and costs claimed by the Union’s counsel of record in the Grievance. The Law Offices of Snider & Associates, LLC, was retained to represent the interests of the Union in this matter.

Agreements were ultimately reached and the Agency paid a lump sum amount to the Union in recognition and settlement of any and all potential liability for all issues and claims relating to the Grievance. This lump sum payment covered all claims for alleged damages, including, but not limited to, (a) through (g) above, along with all general and implementation costs.

The Union and its attorneys have completed the tedious task of reviewing significant Agency data to determine which employees are entitled to payments under the settlement and the amounts of those payments. While not all employees qualify for payments, payments will be made to over 1,000 current and past employees who were in covered positions in the bargaining unit during the Grievance timeframe!

Class Action Implementation Group (CAIG) was retained by the Union to process employee payments. Employees MUST verify certain information with CAIG before checks can be issued. The Union expects to distribute checks for these payments during a Grievance settlement distribution party/reception, which is in the process of being scheduled but should occur on or about December 11, 2013. It is important you complete the online verification process well before the check distribution event or your check will not be processed in time to then be had.

To begin the verification & payment process, PLEASE EMAIL THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION TO

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