AFGE 2607 vs. Department of Education: Registration is OPEN

We are pleased to inform you of an exciting accomplishment on behalf of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), Local 2607, bargaining unit employees of U.S. Department of Education. On September 28, 2018, the Union, through the services of our attorneys, Snider & Associates, successfully resolved its Overtime Grievance filed on behalf of current and past employees.

All payments from the settlement will be processed and distributed by Class Action Implementation Group (CAIG), using its secure online portal. CAIG is an independent organization specializing in administering financial settlements and has been the exclusive implementation and distribution company utilized for the processing of hundreds of millions of dollars of payments for Unions just like ours in similar cases nationwide.

We look forward to the distribution of payments to those so entitled – but before that can happen, a number of things must occur.

The Settlement Agreement requires the Agency to provide a significant amount of data to the Union, Snider & Associates and - CAIG. Part of this information was recently received and has been assembled, reviewed and processed. The remaining portion of this data is scheduled to be produced within 90 days. The final processing of that data, in conjunction with a large amount of other materials already on-hand, is necessary to determine and identify all those eligible to receive a payment and the amount of each payment.

Once this process is complete, CAIG will be contacting those eligible via email, phone, and mail to give them detailed information needed to confirm eligibility to receive a payment pursuant to the terms governing the distribution of the settlement. If things go as scheduled, we anticipate this occurring within 180 days. Please keep in mind that distribution of payments in these types of cases normally take a year or longer after settlement to occur. Substantial efforts have and are being made to expedite the process where possible to enable distributions to take place much sooner than that.

The data the Agency is to provide will include certain contact information, but that information is not always accurate and up to date. To ensure CAIG has your current contact information, you can complete the registration process on our secure online portal.

Note that the Union, Snider & Associates and CAIG are NOT collecting claims information from employees. The time to provide such information was prior to the resolution of the matter.

All inquiries concerning the settlement, implementation and distribution must be made through CAIG. Until the data processing is complete, most questions will not be able to be responded to. Along the way, we anticipate providing general updates and more detailed information on this website.

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